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OnePlus Watch 2 officially revealed: what's missing?

Although the official announcement of OnePlus Watch 2 is scheduled for February 26, 2024, the company has decided to bring forward most of its technical, although not all. With an elegant design available in two variants, “Black steel"and "Radiant Steel“, this smartwatch aims to conquer the market thanks to its battery life and performance. Here are all the official details.

OnePlus Watch 2 is practically official: key details and specifications

After a three-year reflective pause since the first release, OnePlus has finally lifted the veil on its new smartwatch, the OnePlus Watch 2. The smartwatch promises to revolutionize the concept of smartwatches with a battery that lasts 100 hours in “Smart Mode”. However, the mystery remains as to what this mode actually entails and what features will be available during this extended battery life, especially when compared to competitors such as the pixel watch 2, which stops at 24 hours.

oneplus watch 2 black with red background and black shadows

The design has not been neglected: the OnePlus Watch 2 boasts a stainless steel frame and a sapphire glass to protect the display, promising unparalleled reliability for everyday use and meticulous health monitoring. But what keeps everyone in suspense is the choice of work operating. Although OnePlus has not yet revealed this crucial detail, expectations are high for the presence of Wear OS, which raises questions about how the company intends to balance the integration of such a complete system with the impressive autonomy announced.

The OnePlus Watch 2 will obviously be capable of offering autonomy that could significantly reduce the need for frequent charging, an element often criticized in current smartwatches. OnePlus' promise to deliver “unprecedented reliability” and advanced health monitoring could represent a turning point in the sector, especially if accompanied by the adoption of Wear OS, thus increasing versatility and integration with theGoogle application ecosystem.

We are waiting for February 26th for the official launch, the day on which everything about OnePlus' second generation smartwatch will be revealed.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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