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Subscribing to Facebook and Instagram is unfair and illegal. The class action starts

The recent introduction ofFacebook and Instagram subscription is raising questions and criticism. Recently, theEuropean Consumer Organisation (DRINK) he expressed (via Wired)concerns about legality and fairness of this move by Meta. The news comes after some E.U. countries they raised a fuss (right, for goodness sake) talking about "blackmail" on Meta's part.

Facebook and Instagram subscription: BEUC requests blocking

Meta has introduced a controversial change to its services in the European Union: Facebook and Instagram users now have to choose between allow the processing of their data for advertising purposes or pay to avoid advertising. This choice has been criticized by the BEUC for being unfair and potentially illegal, calling into question compliance with EU data protection regulations.

The BEUC, together with 19 members, filed a complaint with the relevant authorities, claiming that Meta is adopting unfair commercial practices. Ursula Pachl, deputy director general of BEUC, highlighted the unfair nature and illegal of this option, noting that Meta violates EU consumer law and uses deceptive and aggressive tactics.

facebook instagram payment

One of the main criticisms concerns the partial blocking of services until a choice is made, a practice considered aggressive under European consumer law.

Furthermore, there is a concern that, although the paid option promises more privacy, Meta may still collect and use personal data for non-advertising purposes. This, in fact, cannot be controlled directly by users.

The information provided by Meta to consumers was deemed misleading and incomplete, preventing you from making an informed choice. This approach also raises GDPR issues. Furthermore, the high rate for the subscription without advertising is seen as a deterrent, effectively limiting consumers' freedom of choice.

Here the Press release of BEUC in which the block is requested.

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