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Well-known car maker Geely patents its first smartphone

According to the official website of China's State Intellectual Property Office, Hubei Xingji Times Technology Co., Ltd., which is associated with automaker Geely, recently applied for two design patents for a new smartphone. This is the first image of Geely's device since it announced plans to produce its first smartphone.

Well-known car maker Geely patents its first smartphone

It can be seen from the patent diagram that the front screen of Geely's phone adopts a perforated design, the three cameras on the back are arranged in an equilateral triangle, the frame adopts the popular flat edge design, with the left volume buttons and a right the power button.

Recall that towards the end of September 2021, Geely officially announced that it would build its first smartphone, targeting the high-end smart market. Li Shufu personally took the lead and founded Xingji Times, which is in charge of the phone manufacturing business. According to Li Shufu's vision, smartphones can create rich consumption scenarios together with the vehicle Internet and satellite Internet, providing users with a more convenient, smarter and more interconnected multi-screen interactive life experience.

According to previous rumors, the Geely Group's phone company is in contact with the phone maker Meizu to discuss the acquisition. As a veteran car company, Geely's high-end phone layout is not only for the mobile phone business but also cooperate with future smart cars to create a new ecosystem.

For Meizu, the industry experience and resources accumulated over the years are of great value, but the market share of Meizu devices has also been shrinking rapidly in recent years. So the Geely takeover, might be the best way out.

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