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Google Messages like WhatsApp and Telegram: editing the text after sending will be possible

Google is about to change RCS communication (less and less used) with a new feature in Google Messages: the editing messages. This innovation, currently in beta, joins other recently launched features, such as Photomoji, screen effects, noise cancellation in voice messages and animated stickers. Here are details of this long-awaited feature discovery from the APK code.

The new feature of Google Messages: editing text after sending

The Google Messages team has come up with it different news for its RCS users, taking inspiration from popular platforms such as Telegram and WhatsApp. The latest betas have introduced features like Photomoji, screen effects, noise cancellation in voice messages and animated stickers. Now, the focus is on modification some teaThis is a feature much requested by users but never introduced.

In the recent beta versions of Google Messages, some flags have been discovered that suggest the imminent introduction of text editing. These flags include:


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The first one it seems enable a user interface for editing messages, the second loads the modification history from the message database, the third manages the message modified by the user, and the fourth the process of receipt of the modified message. Currently, activating these flags has no effect, a sign that the function is still under development.

Digging deeper into the Google Messages APK code, we discover the creation of a new table in the database, called 'message_edits'. This table seems intended to store the details of edited messages, both for the user who modifies and for the recipient. Interestingly, text editing is not part of the RCS standard, but Google could integrate it anyway, as it has already done for end-to-end encryption.

With Apple joining the RCS ecosystem in collaboration with Google, the introduction of this feature could mark a major step forward in digital communication. This could equally mean a massive shift of users from platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram to Google Messages.

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