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Google Search is now a grammar assistant at your fingertips

Google Search it is no longer just a search engine. Now, it can also become our personal grammar teacher. A new function of “control grammar” has been discovered, ready to guide us in the correct writing of sentences. The feature was discovery preview of colleagues of 9to5Google and, as always, it's not readily available to everyone. But let's see its characteristics together.

Google Search will be a grammar aid for all users: here are the new commands to correct grammar

Many of us don't pay attention to grammar when searching online. But Google wants to change that. If we write a sentence that sounds strange in a messaging app, we will now be able to verify it with Google Search. This not only improves our grammar but also increases the interaction with the search engine, an advantage for Google.

The grammar check function adds to the tools already present in Google Search, such as the roll of virtual dice or the timer. Google is becoming less of a search tool and more of a assistant virtual Multifunction.

google search grammar checker_1
google search grammar checker_1

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If we include “grammar checker” in our search, or if Google understands that we need to, we will be provided with a grammar checker result. The function checks for grammatical correctness and, if necessary, indicates how to improve the sentence. It works through artificial intelligence systems, but Google warns that it may not always be 100% accurate.

Indeed, some complex sentences may get out of control of Google Search. For example, subtle mistakes like confusing "poco" with "Less” may not be detected (see examples provided by 9to5Google). In these cases, tools like Google Docs may be more effective.

The availability of the feature is not yet clear, but it appears to be online from some settimana. We are waiting for a response from Google for further details, but for the moment it is not available in Italian but only in English.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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