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GPT-5 will really change everything: Sam Altman confirms the capabilities of the language model

Although I told you about GPT-6 and GPT-7, although nothing official has emerged so far, we know that OpenAI's next large language model will be GPT-5. And in this regard we have been asking ourselves for some time: what will he be capable of? According to what transpired from the words of Sam altman, the generative artificial intelligence model promises to transform the approach to AI in ways we can't even imagine. Here you are what ChatGPT can do in the future.

ChatGPT's capabilities with GPT-5: audio and video production from a single prompt

Sam altman of OpenAI, in a discussion with the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, highlighted the importance and impact of GPT-5. This advancement is not limited to ChatGPT, but extends far beyond, opening up new frontiers of personalization and application.

According to Altman, GPT-5 aims to address significant challenges in the field of AI, such as ability to choose the best answer among thousands of possible ones. The vision is for a system that not only provides accurate answers, but does so with unprecedented consistency and reliability. This objective emphasizes the importance of improving the model's ability to understand and adapt to individual needs.

The innovation of GPT-5 doesn't stop there. OpenAI plans to integrate the ability to process not only text, but also images, audio and video, a fundamental step towards a more complete and versatile model. The ability to represent the real world with elements that go beyond text marks a significant shift in how we perceive and use artificial intelligence.

According to Altman, GPT-5 promises to revolutionize (how odious this word has become) AI in terms of Customization e adaptability. The template will be designed for understand individual preferences, incorporating information about users, emails, calendars and preferences.

Altman emphasizes the importance of establishing connections with external data sources, a crucial step towards deeper personalization and more natural interaction with AI. In short, there will be fun with OpenAI's next product which is expected to arrive between this and next year.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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