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GPT-5 is coming: what to expect from the new generation of the AI ​​​​model

The waves generated by the voices of a imminent launch of GPT-5 and its date di take the exit (uscita) have reached the shore of technological current affairs, raising a sea of ​​speculation and expectations. With an impenetrable silence from OpenAI, we find ourselves navigating rumors and theories about what this new generation of artificial intelligence could bring. But Business Insider it's safe on when it comes out the new language model.

GPT-5: Possible release date ticks

Speculation aside, what seems clear is that GPT-5 represents a notable advancement compared to its predecessor GPT-4, with potential improvements both in terms of performance that of reliability of the information provided.

While forecasts indicate a possible presentation for half 2024, the timing remains uncertain. This waiting phase is fueled by various factors, including the need forextensive training phase and testing to ensure that GPT-5 is free of defects sometimes seen in previous generations, such as inaccurate or misleading responses. The fine-tuning process, which involves both OpenAI employees and selected external testers, is crucial to ensuring the highest quality of the final product.

The importance of GPT-5 is not limited to the next version of ChatGPT; it will also affect other tools and services that rely on the power of artificial intelligence, such as Microsoft Copilot, integrated more and more deeply into the Windows operating system. This broadens the impact horizon of the language model, making it relevant not only for developers and professionals but for anyone using AI-based technologies.

It is worth mentioning that OpenAI has gone so far as to ask for trademark registration GPT-6 e GPT-7 in China. This says a lot about the long and very long-term plans of the company which will obviously try to reach theAGI, or general artificial intelligence, within the next few years.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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