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OpenAI under observation again: what's behind the new AI model Sora?

The recent initiative of OpenAI, which brought to light the Sora artificial intelligence model, has attracted the attention not only of technology enthusiasts, but also of privacy authorities. Sora is the new text-to-video product from Sam Altman and Microsoft's company, but its ability to create dynamic and realistic scenes starting from simple text instructions raises important questions regarding the management and protection of personal data users.

The Privacy Guarantor's investigation into OpenAI's Sora

OpenAI is once again at the center of attention for privacy issues. After announcing the launch of Sora, theGuarantor Authority for the protection of personal data has decided to launch a specific investigation. The main concern is Sora's compliance with privacy regulations, in particular the GDPR, which regulates the processing of personal data within the EU.

The Guarantor's requests focus on several key aspects: on the one hand, the training mode of the Sora ei algorithm types of data collected for this purpose, paying particular attention to the presence of sensitive data; on the other, the measures adopted by OpenAI to inform users about processing of their data. This focus is not accidental, considering the growing debate on safety and ethics in the use of artificial intelligence technologies.

One of OpenAI's Sora products

OpenAI's Sora represents a significant step in the field of AI, thanks to its ability to transform textual descriptions into immersive and detailed video content. This technology opens new avenues for content creators, offering unprecedented tools for visual storytelling. However, enthusiasm for Sora's creative potential must be balanced with awareness of its implications in terms of privacy and data security.

Transparency in algorithm training practices and in the processing of personal data it therefore becomes a fundamental pillar on which to build the future of artificial intelligence. As we await further developments, it remains clear that collaboration between technology innovators and regulators will be essential to navigate the complex ethical and regulatory landscape surrounding AI.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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