Guide: here's how to install the MIUI 10 Global Beta on Redmi Note 5

We have already addressed the speech MIUI 10, talking about the news and showing a focus on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 smartphone, which we had the pleasure to review both in China and in the Global version. And for this last model the rollout of the version has begun MIUI 10 Global Beta, in release closed, that is for a limited number of users, but fortunately they are not selfish and that they thought well of share the download link to the ROM, thus allowing anyone who wants to fiddle with their device to experience the thrill of the new MIUI 10 without having to wait for the release of the Stable version, of which there is no news on the date of publication.

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miui 10

UPDATE: by virtue of the fact that the MIUI 10 Global Beta does not seem to bring any news with respect to the MIUI 9.5, if not on a graphic level, please do not flash MIUI 10 as afflicted by an annoying BUG. Once you put the smartphone in charge after a few minutes it will go into recovery ...

Please note that in order to be able to flash the new MIUI 10 on your device you need to unlock the bootloader and then install the TWRP recovery, for which we recommend a backup of personal data, because it is still a modding operation of your device. Finally, i ADB driver that you can find from here for the Windows version or here for those related to the systems MacOS or here those for Linux systems.

We remind you that the team is free from any damage and / or brick due to modding operations performed on your terminal.

miui 10

First of all it is therefore necessary unlock the bootloader, and in case you do not know how to do you can consult this guide. At this point you have to proceed with the flash of the TWRP recovery specific to your device, possibly following this guide, while you can click on the buttons below for the direct download related to your smartphone model.

Made the operations of the case you can finally proceed to download the MIUI 10, which in this case will already have the dowry Play Store, Google services and Italian language.

Guide: here's how to install the MIUI 10 Global Beta on Redmi Note 5


Remember, first of all to enable the USB DEBUG on the device, then turn off the smartphone and start it in Fastboot mode using the on / off key and Volume - (simultaneously)


Connect the smartphone to the computer via the USB data cable and start the command prompt / power shell window from the folder containing the previously downloaded TWRP


Now enter the command fastboot devices to verify that your smartphone is correctly recognized by the PC


Now start the device in recovery mode by typing the command fastboot boot nomerecovery.img


You consent to the changes requested by the TWRP recovery by making a slide to the right


Execute the following WIPE entering the ADVANCED WIPE menu: Dalvik / ART Cache, System, Data, Cache


Now go back to the main screen and choose the INSTALL item and look for the folder where you saved the previously downloaded MIUI 10 ROM and start the flash


Now restart the smartphone by tapping on REBOOT and then on SYSTEM

Done! The first start can also use 10-15 minutes so arm yourself with patience and at power on enjoy your MIUI 10 ROM (in case during restart the message NO OS INSTALLED should appear) do not worry).
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Followed the steps above, the phone is dead 20 minutes, it does not come on anymore, it's great ... - ​​The Italian n.1 community for Xiaomi products
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