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[GUIDE] Convert Asus zenfone 2 from CN / TW firmware to European WW

Problems with converting Asus Zenfone 2 !?! In today's guide I will show you how to convert yours Asus Zenfone 2 without unlocking the bootloader. You will finally be able to free up all the applications and all the usable Chinese services.

There are three different types of firmware for our Asus Zenfone 2. The Taiwanese firmware TW the Chinese one CN and finally the European WW. The guide in question also applies to all those who own the Taiwanese version of Asus Zenfone 2.



Convert Asus Zenfone 2: Requirements


  • Recognize the device you own, if you do not know what your Asus code is, take the box and read if your model is the ZE550 or the ZE5551.
  • Recovery WW etc Asus Zenfone 2 ZE550ML = Z008, ZE551ML = Z00A, DOWNLOAD download the files in the folder if you have it Z008, if you have the version Z00A download the
  • Download the firmware you need to be, necessarily the version WW for ZE550ML and the version WW for ZE551ML,  DOWNLOAD ZE550ML DOWNLOAD ZE551ML, choose on OS Android / Firmware / Version WW _ ***** scroll through the various firmware, do not miss the patience, you will read tw cn but you are interested in the firmware WW indicated for your model, then download a signed link overall, click and wait for the firmware to be downloaded.
  • Enable the debug usb, go to the Settings / About / Software information stuck multiple times on build number, so to enable them opzioni sviluppatore you will find a submenu in the settings from now on. Recatevices and picks debug usb and fictitious positions.
  • Adb Universal Driver HERE  install the program on the pc, if you have problems you can use it too these, in all cases installation will be very simple.
  • Other Drivers HERE, use these in case the previous ones do not work, to install them in this case, you just do not start the installation program, but you will have to go to Control Panel / Harware / Device Management, you will notice here when you connect your smartphone to an unrecognized device. Tap with the right and choose Software Update / Search Software ... ./ Choose Manually ... / Driver Disk / Now Indicate the .inf file
  • SmartyTool which you find HERE
  • Unzip the folder in smartytool.rar and pasted into the same rom and the previously downloaded files.

things to have


Convert Asus Zenfone 2: Installation


Start it SmartyTool previously downloaded and give the 5 command so you can check if i driver Installed work, this is pretty much what you need to get.




Careful because in case you find yourself in front of such a request you have to consent always, lend a lot WARNING if you have enabled the debug usb and you have connected the smartphone to the pc the request may arrive immediately or when you launch the Commando 5.



If everything works you can safely proceed, restart bootloader Commando 1, doing this you will find yourself in fastboot mode, I take the opportunity to tell you that in this particular mode, as in recovery the volume keys, assume the cursor function that will allow you to move up and down between options, then press the key to confirm.




At first you do not have to touch anything launch the Commando 2 and wait for it recovery etc are installed. I highly recommend that you always monitor devices that your device is visible and ready. That's what we have to restart in recoveryunfortunately to do this you will have to act you manually as well asus limit this variable, so I could not automate the operation, do not impress reboot in recovery it's really simple, from the way you are, you just need to move with the button volume less, move until you read it on the display recovery, confirm with the key to enter. You will now find yourself in front of this screen.




No fear is normal, press the power button, then press the Volume up button as if you wanted to raise the volume a notch, in a few words the click must be very fast, you do not have to exert long pressures.



That's what you are now in recovery, run a wipe cache, my advice is if possible, to run a wipe data beware of why you lose all data if you save what you are interested in, you can initially avoid, in the event of problems down you will find the section in which I explain what to do. To run the Wipe always move with the volume keys and with the power button date l 'ok, the wipe hard process a few minutes be patient. We can now install the long-awaited European Roma. Always in recovery choose "apply patch from adb".




Now give the command to install the rom on your device, of course it must be connected to the pc, wait now, the process is very long. When you finish restarting, Asus Zenfone 2 CONVERT !!!

Tips and tricks

- Wipe data: You have chosen to only wipe cache but at startup, does your smartphone give you trouble, continue forced closures? To reboot in recovery. How to do !?! Turn off the device first, then restart by holding down the volume + key, just after you hear the vibration, leave the power key. You are now in Fastboot mode, start the recovery and run the wipe data, restart and wait for the first time after the wipe data, the smartphone needs more time.

If you have any doubt, please feel free to reply to me as soon as possible.

Greetings White Manuel


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