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Haylou X1 Pro TWS headphones with Hybrid ANC for less than 50 €! Unmissable

With the increasingly widespread choice by smartphone manufacturers to eliminate the 3.5mm jack input, we have resigned ourselves to abandoning our legendary wired headphones, often also of very high quality, to switch to more comfortable BT headphones. At the beginning the transition was traumatic as the quality of the latter was not remotely comparable to traditional flush ones. Fortunately, with the advent of BlueTooth 5.0 things have changed and TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphones have arrived on the market. With this new technology, the audio quality has made a real leap in quality, even reaching levels that we never expected. The next step was to implement ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) or the active cancellation of background noise. Today I will talk to you about these technologies applied on the new Haylou headphones (ecosystem Xiaomi), the Haylou X1 Pro.

Haylou X1 Pro

Haylou X1 Pro headphones with Hybrid ANC

€44 €145
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Before talking to you about the headphones I will make a mention of the two most important technologies that are implemented in our product, namely TWS and ANC

TWS (True Wireless Stereo)

As mentioned before, with the advent of BT 5.0, this excellent technology has also arrived, which has significantly improved the audio quality of the earphones that embrace it. This allows two audio devices to be coupled together via the BT, transmitting the audio information separately on the two left and right channels. In this way, thanks also to the greater power and stability of the BT 5.0, the audio will be clearer and without interference whatsoever. All this translates into a very high range of listenable frequencies and this makes our listening qualitatively at the level of our old wired headphones. Of course, it will also depend on the quality of the product you purchase .. you will not be able to compare an old € 100 wired headset with a € 20 TWS headset, but if we go to almost similar costs we will have more or less the same quality without the encumbrance of the cable! As far as health is concerned, don't worry because BT devices are WIDE below the tolerance limits of electromagnetic waves. BT version updates continue to improve every aspect mentioned above, and our X1 Pro even are BlueTooth 5.2!


ANC, active noise cancellation, is the active or passive technology that allows us to reduce the background noise that we have around us in the most disparate situations (shopping mall, subway, office, bar, etc.). But how does it work? Well, the passive one is simply the one used by the large pavilions of over-ear headphones (to be clear, the ones that gamers often use). But here we are talking about the active one, and in our specific case the hybrid active one. The ANC chipset will control, through an external microphone to the headphones how much and what kind of noise surrounds us, and with a speaker inside it will create an opposite sound waveform to cancel the external noise (to make you better understand it would be like having a sound +5 on the outside and create one inside equal and opposite -5 to cancel it). In this case we are talking about an ANC Feed feed-forward system. If we have the microphone inside instead of outside, the ANC system will take the name of feed-back. If our earphones, as in the case of the Haylou X1 Pro, have a hybrid ANC system it means they have both of these modes! Of course, the use of the ANC Chipset will have an important impact on the autonomy of the headphones which on average will reduce by 50%.

Explain these very important features, let's now talk about our headphones with thanks GOOD BANG for sending the sample!


The only sore point of our product .. completely made of cardboard, to the touch even of low quality (we hope at least recycled), certainly does not give a premium impact. But let's see what it contains:

  • X1 Pro earphones
  • Charging docking
  • Replacement ear tips to better adapt to various ear types
  • USB - Type C charging cable
  • Instruction booklet (English-Chinese)

The charging dock has a 400mAh battery, the headphones around 45mAh so they can be recharged 4 times.

Haylou X1 Pro


Our Haylou X1 Pro have a series of comfortable touch controls that will allow us to manage most of the options when we use them to listen to music or call. Here they are listed:

  • Answer / end a call: tap one of the two headsets
  • Play / pause a song: tap one of the two earphones
  • Skip previous song: double tap left
  • Skip next song: Double tap right
  • Switch to ANC mode / disable it: touch one of the two for 4s
  • Switch to low latency mode: Tap right three times
  • Headphone reset: to unpair the headphones and do a facory reset put them in the docking and hold down the reset button (found on the right side) for 10 seconds
  • Shutdown: Docking them will cause them to shut down


I make a premise: I have hardly found comfortable headphones in ear, but with these I assure you that they "fit" perfectly! And this already helps her to exclude the outside world even when turned off. As already mentioned, the most interesting function that we can use is that of active (and hybrid) noise reduction, which will break down a background up to 35db!
But how does it work? I would say well, tested both at the bar and in an outdoor place where there were many people chatting and I perfectly heard my interlocutor. Naturally the ANC is more important in call also because while listening to music the background noise will hardly disturb us .. but if you activate it also while listening to music the result will be really impressive. Test with the television on and I assure you that I could not hear anything coming from the TV.
I remind you that the use of the ANC mode halves the autonomy of the headphones bringing it to about 5h.

Also interesting is the possibility of using the "low latency”Particularly suitable for those who use headphones to play games. With this mode, the sounds with low latency will be returned, i.e. instantly on both ear cups to avoid delay between the images we see and the sounds we hear.


A high performance biodiaphragm voice coil with professionally tuned acoustic curves coupled with the AAC HD codec gives you an excellent listening experience. You can safely say goodbye to your wired headphones that you may also be using with that awful 3.5 ″ -Type C jack adapter that helps to break down the overall audio quality.


But the question whose answer is the most important is: how do they "sound"? Well, this time I want to get out of balance .. very well! As a DJ I assure you that the quality is very high. Absolutely promoted the high frequencies, the sound is crystal clear and defined, even the mids well that fill the musical atmosphere very well. Note of merit also for the bass which, strangely, are full-bodied and powerful. I said strangely because when we have this quality in the high mids we lose something in the low (and vice versa). We remind you that the sampling frequency is 16Bit / 48Khz. Difficult to find such an extended and well reproduced dynamic range, especially if we take into consideration the price of our Haylou X1 Pro. Definitely higher volume than many other models I've tried in the last period, and unfortunately I keep it really high (you don't do it, it could cause irreparable damage)


The autonomy is also good, which is about 10 hours, 5 hours with ANC activated. Considering the additional autonomy of the charging dock we pass to 40 (10 + 30) and 20 (5 + 15). Then of course these values ​​may vary slightly depending on the listening volume and the distance from the audio source


Usually I always leave the benefit of the doubt, I do not immediately recommend the purchase of the tested product as there could be similar devices that maybe could even cost less. Instead this time I go straight to the point and tell you: buy them! If you are looking for an excellent quality headset these HAYLOU X1 PRO they are your product. I said excellent, but now I will tell you the price and the judgment will pass to excellent! Their list price is around € 150 but with an incredible promotion of GOOD BANG, added our coupon, you can take them home for about a third of the price. Needless to say, it would be really crazy not to take advantage of it also because we don't know how long the promo will be active. The shipment does not involve customs costs and its timing is approximately 10 days. Paying via PayPal closes the circle on this amazing offer.

At this point I just have to wish you good listening!

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Product name - Haylou X1 Pro
Wearable Type - TWS In-Ear Bluetooth Earphones
Black colour
Wireless connectivity - Bluetooth 5.2
Charging interface - Type-C
Maximum distance - 10m (open environment without obstacles)
Battery life - 40 hours (with charging case, without active ANC)
Battery capacity of the earphones - 45 mAh
Charging case capacity - 400mAh
Earphone Charging Time - Approximately 2 hours
Case Charging Time - Approximately 3 hours
Supported protocols - SBC / AAC / A2DP / AVRCP / HFP
Package Includes - 1 x Haylou X1 Pro TWS Bluetooth Earphone, 1 x Charging Dock, 1 x Manual, 1 x Replacement Ear Tips

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