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The Honor 90's screen beats the competition: the best in DXOMARK's High-End category

Honor 90, the new high-end smartphone from Honor, scored very well in the screen test conducted by DxOMark, the popular website that rates the quality of cameras, speakers and displays of mobile devices. The total screen score of theHonor 90 it was 140 points.

The Honor 90's screen beats the competition: the best in the High-End category on DXOMARK

The Honor 90 ranked XNUMXth in the global rankings and first in the High-End category (price $400-$600).

DXOMARK's test highlighted the strengths of the Honor 90's screen, which offers a comfortable and immersive viewing experience in different lighting conditions. The screen has adequate brightness both indoors and outdoors, displaying a high level of detail and contrast. In addition, the screen is almost flicker-free thanks to its high flicker rate, which reduces eye strain and improves picture smoothness.

The Honor 90's screen also stands out for its color rendition and legibility, which make colors vivid and natural. The screen also supports the display of HDR10 content, which offers greater dynamic range and better expression of mid and dark tones. The screen is able to adapt the brightness according to the ambient light and the content displayed, ensuring optimal vision in every situation.

The screen of the Honor 90 is a curved display from 6,7 inches, which has one resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels and a pixel density of 435 PPI. The screen has a Variable refresh rate up to 120Hz, which makes animations smoother and more responsive. The screen also has a peak brightness of 1600 nits, a color depth of 1,07 billion colors and supports the 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming, which eliminates the risk of flickering at low brightness.

Finally, the screen of the device is also equipped with various eye protection functions, such as protection from natural light, sleep mode, hardware-level low blue light and dark light adjustment. These functions help reduce eye strain and improve the users' sleep quality.

The Honor 90 will be launched officially in Europe on July 6th. Visit the official website for more info.


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