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HONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design available soon!

The second jointly developed luxury smartphone impresses with its exclusive automotive-inspired design, high-quality materials and exceptional user experience: HONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design.

Global technology brand HONOR today announced the launch of its second smartphone developed in collaboration with Porsche Design: HONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design. In addition to this flagship device, HONOR has also presented in China the HONOR Magic6 Ultimate and the HONOR MagicBook Pro 16

HONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design: where Porsche excellence meets smartphone innovation

After the launch of the first foldable smartphone developed together, the HONOR Magic V2 RSR Porsche Design, the two companies presented their latest joint project: the HONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design. Born from the common pursuit of innovation, this cross-industry collaboration combines exceptional performance with timeless luxury design, offering a special edition smartphone that meets the needs of users who appreciate and seek superior performance, cutting-edge photography and a unique.

“HONOR is proud to present theHONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design, a unique product that combines technology and design, and was born with the aim of going beyond the status quo,” he declared George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co. “Our latest device is born from the pursuit of excellence that we have in common with Porsche Design; our partnership is based on the promise of offering advanced technology with timeless aesthetics.”

Iconic shades and Porsche-style hexagonal design

Paying homage to the iconic styling of Porsche cars, theHONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design incorporates structural elements that are reminiscent of the company's design excellence. With the camera compartment embraced by Porsche's iconic hexagonal structure, the smartphone captures the essence of the precision and high-performance characteristics of sports cars. This special edition is made of titanium which is used, in the automotive sector, for components that undergo strong stress but must still be light. The HONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design also features a clean, symmetrical peak line that adds a dynamic look to the device and improves user grip, while highlighting Porsche Design's signature functional approach to design.

Porsche's style is also fully represented by the colours: Agate Grey, the gray shade typical of the brand's most famous models, such as the 911, and Frozen Berry, the iridescent pink shade designed for the Taycan, the first fully electric sports car.

Harness cross-industry innovation for advanced HDR photography

Inspired by the HDR technology behind the success of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), the HONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design introduces a customized sensor Super Dynamic HONOR Falcon Camera H9800, designed specifically to overcome the challenge of taking images of high-contrast scenery. Thanks to its extraordinary HDR detection capability, the H9800 sensor achieves a dynamic range up to 15EV, six times higher than that of the previous generation.

HONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design also incorporates a cutting-edge LiDAR array autofocus system to revolutionize the speed of smartphone photography. This system boasts the industry's first 1200-dot LiDAR array imaging sensor and 60 FPS AF tracking calculations, dramatically improving focusing accuracy and speed, allowing users to capture stunning shots showing suspended motion effects .

Scratch-resistant display for greater visibility and resistance

Continuing to utilize cross-industry innovation to enhance the user experience, the HONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design accelerates withHONOR Anti-scratch NanoCrystal Shield, leader in the sector, offering unprecedented durability. Designed with silicon nitride, a material commonly used in the aerospace and automotive industries for engines, bearings and turbine blades, the HONOR Anti-scratch NanoCrystal Shield offers exceptional hardness and unmatched scratch resistance, ensuring superior protection of the device for a prolonged period of use. Additionally, the HONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design features HONOR NanoCrystal Shield on the back, which enhances shock-absorbing capabilities up to tenfold to resist accidental drops and ensure maximum durability.

To address drivers' visibility needs in various light and environmental conditions, the HONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design introduces the first Tandem OLED display industry-leading dual-layer technology, offering up to 600% extended screen life. Additionally, this technology reduces display brightness degradation to less than 1% after three years of use, delivers brighter images and better power efficiency, and also boasts peak HDR brightness of 5000 nits, industry leader, which guarantees superb visibility and liveliness even on sunny days.

HONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design excellent performance and innovative battery

THEHONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen3, which offers an exceptional level of performance and AI capabilities at the platform level, very smooth and stable. Recognizing the growing importance of battery life for users who spend long periods of time with their devices, HONOR is taking the lead by introducing emerging battery innovations from the electric vehicle industry into smartphones. Equipped with the robust HONOR second generation silicon-carbon battery and the Power Enhanced Chip HONOR E1, battery from 5600 mAh demonstrates unmatched durability and reliable performance even in low temperature conditions. With the latest version of HONOR MagicOS 8.0, the new luxurious device boasts several features such as Magic Portal and MagicRing, which provides cross-device connectivity.


THEHONOR Magic6 RSR Porsche Design it will be available in Italy from April 25th!

In the meantime we remind you of the offer for HONOR Magic6 Pro with €300 discount coupon A300M6P only on the official store HONOR Store

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