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The future at the speed of light: Samsung's promise on UFS 5.0 memory

In the world of data storage, Samsung is preparing a big leap with the future UFS memory 5.0, even if we will have to wait a few more years to see it. This does not mean that the company (as well as the others) is sitting on its hands, because there are already innovations in the kitchen for the UFS version 4.0. What direction is the evolution of storage taking?

UFS 5.0 memory: Samsung's predictions

Imagine having a device that can download a movie in less than a second or transfer data at a speed that seems like science fiction to us today. This is Samsung's goal with its development of UFS 5.0 storage. With promises of reach 10GB/s, a future lies ahead in which waiting becomes a distant memory. But, given that the 2027 (this is the announced date) it still seems like a distant date, Samsung hasn't stopped to look at the calendar.

Already for 2025, the company is aiming to further improve UFS 4.0 technology, aiming for speeds of 8GB/s, paving the way for the future needs of an increasingly connected and digital world.

The race towards ever faster and more efficient storage is not just a matter of convenience. With the advent ofartificial intelligence on smartphones and the need to manage complex linguistic models directly on the devices, having a memory up to par means making possible what today still seems like a dream. Technology is anticipating future needs in an increasingly AI-driven world.

In the context of these innovations, too NVIDIA he does his part by showing what is possible today with his Blackwell GPU architecture, which reaches a bandwidth of 8TB/s. This comparison makes us understand how crucial it is to have components capable of supporting unprecedented data speeds, not only for daily operations but also to open new frontiers such as artificial intelligence on mobile devices.

Obviously, only the top of the range smartphone they will integrate UFS 5.0 memory since it will require computing power and a rather high-performance processor.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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