The Xiaomi Navee N65 electric scooter is on super offer!

For those looking for a electric scooter practical and comfortable to use in the city, the model Xiaomi Navee N65 it might be the right one. It is a means of transport with a really interesting technical data sheet and features, especially in relation to the price at which it is sold. But there's more: right now it's on offer! Let's find out more details.

Xiaomi Navee N65 on offer on TomTop: here's how to take advantage of it!

Appreciated by the public and critics since its launch on the market, Xiaomi Navee N65 is an electric scooter that deserves more than a little thought if you are looking for a product of this type. Thanks to its technical specifications and features that make it unique, starting with its battery, simply exceptional. In fact, it mounts a module from 48 V and 12,5 h.

In addition, its capacity is 600 Wh, which is much higher than many models of full-size electric bicycles. Translated: Xiaomi Navee N65 manages to guarantee aautonomy of 65 km and with a maximum speed of 32 km / h. The data sheet of him is then characterized by 10 wheels ″, which offer a larger diameter in order to offer greater comfort, especially when using the scooter on rough roads. And the bumps will certainly not be a problem.

Also worth mentioning is the braking system, consisting of a double front and rear disc, the latter assisted by a Electronic ABS. The equipment also ends with a complete connectivity and a LCD display very bright. In terms of functionality, two aspects in particular should be emphasized. The first is that the scooter can be folded very easily, both in the stem and in the handlebar (this makes it easily transportable). The second is that the model in question is capable of tackling climbs with an inclination of 25%: for urban mobility it is certainly ideal.

But let's now come to the offer present at the moment on the TomTop store. Here are all the details below:

🛒️Electric scooter NAVEE N65 500W - 10 ″ tires - 65km range

🌐 For sale on TomTop
💰 Goes down to €539,00 from € 677,00 (-11%)
🎟️ Discount code: NNTTV
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)

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