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Instagram is renewed: the audio notes function arrives

Instagram it never ceases to surprise us. After introducing the function "Footnotes” in December 2022, which allowed users to add short texts to their MSN-style images, is now preparing to launch an even more intriguing novelty: the notes audio. The news was disclosed on the same social by Adam mosseri, the CEO of the company as well as of the social network itself. Let's go see what's new.

Instagram and audio notes: a new feature coming soon

Adam mosseri, the dynamic boss of Instagram, shared this exciting news during one of his live broadcasts from his official profile. Although the function is still under development and has not been released to the general public, Mosseri underlined the importance of innovating and expanding the methods of communication within the application, making it increasingly interactive and in step with the needs of users.

But how exactly will these Instagram audio notes work? Currently, the "Notes" feature allows you to write short messages, with a limit of 60 characters, which are displayed in a carousel format above the message box, the Directs. These notes, similar to stories, last for 24 hours and are permanently removed once they expire. With the introduction of audio notes, users will have the possibility to record short voice messages, giving voice to their thoughts and feelings, and sharing them with their followers or in private chats.

instagram audio notes

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Il success of the notes it was straordinario, especially among the younger ones. An impressive figure reveals that over 100 million teenagers have experimented and used the “Notes” feature in the last three months. This trend demonstrates how Instagram is trying to adapt and respond to the needs of an increasingly young and dynamic audience, which is looking for new ways to express themselves and communicate.

The arrival of audio notes on Instagram represents another step forward in the continuous evolution of the platform. A novelty which, without a doubt, it will make the user experience even more engaging and dynamic.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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