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iQOO 11S will have a record top-up: here are the first specifications

This afternoon the well-known Chinese leakster Digital Chat Station hinted that iQOO will soon launch an update of the 11 series named iQOO 11S. As compared to Article 11, the 11S will once again have one flat screen and Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor, But the fast charging will be increased to 200W.

iQOO 11S will have a record top-up: here are the first specifications

Article 11

The blogger revealed that the iQOO 11S will see an upgrade of the battery to specification 10C and the maximum charging capacity will thus be greatly improved. Not only that, iQOO also “transforms” phone batteries based on the electrolyte ratio, positive and negative electrode materials, and electrode preparation processes.

For example, iQOO has thinned theelectrode at 55 microns, which is the thickness of a hair, the che can shorten the movement distance of Li-ion; while the large-pore and porous separator material is equivalent to freeing up more pathways for Li-ions, and the active range is wider. As for the electrolyte ratio, this can stimulate the activity rate of Li-ion.

iQOO 11s iQOO Neo8 Pro iqoo 11 iQOO 11s
Article 11

In other words, iQOO technology stimulates the active speed of the lithium ions, shortens its movement distance and expands its movement trajectory, then the charging speed of the device's batteries will naturally increase significantly.

In addition, iQOO has also modified the 200W charger and data cable. For example, the gallium nitride charger, the charging cable has a USB Type-C type port with an enlarged wire conductor cross-sectional area and the three charging IC chips on the fuselage main and sub boards can not only improve the charge conversion rate, but also increase the convenience of daily use.

iqoo 11s
Article 11

It is worth pointing out that the iQOO 11S will use a flat screen with 2K resolution, which will make it the highest resolution flat screen smartphone in the Android camp

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