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iQOO Neo8 Pro arrives on AnTuTu: it is the most powerful smartphone ever

This morning it was officially revealed the AnTuTu score of the upcoming iQOO Neo8 Pro, i.e. well 1.363.206 points, the highest ever recorded on an Android device.

iQOO Neo8 Pro arrives on AnTuTu: it is the most powerful smartphone ever

iQOO Neo8 Pro

For the uninitiated, the iQOO Neo8 Pro coming on May 23 is equipped with the latest chip Dimension 9200+, which uses an octa-core CPU architecture and TSMC's second-generation 4nm manufacturing process. Furthermore, this phone also comes with the V1+ chips flagship developed by Vivo with 32MB of SRAM. It supports three major algorithms, and the theoretical data throughput speed can reach 25GB/s. In high-load game scenarios, it can share the work of mobile phone main chip and reduce power consumption.

At the same time, iQOO Neo8 Pro can also use the original picture mode introduced by the self-developed V1+ chip to restore the game designer's original intentions, so that players can experience picture quality close to the original in different games. bringing the best display effect available on smartphones.

Of course, the self-developed V1+ chip can also play an important role in the color rendering of the screen itself and image improvement. The new flagship with Dimensity 9200+ and V1+ chip will bring users extremely powerful performance and smooth high-frame gaming experience, helping iQOO Neo8 Pro compete for the title of “most powerful flagship in 2023”.

The iQOO Neo8 series is already bookable in China on several platforms, but as mentioned earlier the device will be officially released on May 23rd. Still no info on a possible availability outside China even if we remember that the brand is already present in India. Unfortunately, however, in Europe, iQOO has not yet made its debut but we can fix it by purchasing the devices from the parent company Living but they are cheaper.

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