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IT Wallet has been approved: digital identity in 2024 in Italy. That's when it arrives

The digitization of documents in Italy is about to take a significant step forward with the arrival of IT Wallet. This technological innovation promises to simplify citizens' lives, collecting all the most important documents in one place. But what does this change really entail and what advantages will it bring to the daily life of Italians? But above all: is everything as rosy as expected? Obviously not.


IT Wallet: what it is, how it works and when it comes out

Italy is preparing to take an important step with the introduction of IT Wallet, scheduled for 2024. IT Wallet does not require the download of a dedicated app but will be integrated into the Io app, already widespread on Italians' smartphones (however poco used).

This tool will contain crucial documents like the Electronic Identity Card, SPID, Health insurance card e Disability Card, with the aim of expanding further.

The initiative of the Meloni Government aims to replace SPID and CIE, aiming for a single digital identity tool. With the support of the Department for Digital Transformation, IT Wallet is moving towards a launch phase with a demonstration version, followed by the distribution of the first version by mid-2024.

digital identity it wallet

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Digital identity in Italy is currently divided into SPID, CIE and TS-CNS, a reality that reflects the European fragmentation of digital identities. With 21 eIDs active in 16 member states, Europe is working towards greater integration and simplification, as demonstrated by the EUDI Wallet, an initiative that sees Italy active in the Nobid and Potential consortium.

The IT Wallet presents itself as a solution to the challenges presented by the plurality of eID tools, promising a more efficient and centralized management of digital documents. Its integration with the Io app and Italian participation in European consortia represent significant steps towards a more unified and accessible digital identity.

The goal is ambitious: to overcome the 42,5 million activations by 2025, thus exceeding the numbers of SPID and CIE. With a first version accessible to all Italian citizens by June 30 2024 and the implementation of advanced security measures, IT Wallet is preparing to become a point of reference in the digital life of Italian citizens.


The IT Wallet was officially approved with last year's Pnrr decree 26 February. As previously announced, it will arrive later the summer 2024 although all procedures online via digital documents they will not be usable until 2025.

Gianluca Cobucci
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