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KuKirin G2 Max – Review of the real BEST BUY scooter but illegal

I tried these days KuKirin G2 Max, a high-end electric scooter, with fantastic characteristics of power and autonomy, even too much (for the highway code). Considering the quality / price ratio, perhaps the best electric scooter on the market in this price range.

KUKIRIN G2 MAX Electric Scooter 10 Inch 48V 20AH 55KM/H 1000W Motor
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€708 €708
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KuKirin G2 Max Technical Sheet

Motor power1000 W
Battery48 V 20 Ah
Charging time10/11 Hours
Waterproof certificationIP54
Tire size10"
Tire typeAir chamber
Weight :KG 31
Dimensions when closed126 x 60 x 580 cm
Dimensions when open126 x 60 x 130 cm
Platform width21 cm
Shock absorberFront + Rear adjustable
HeavyweightKG 120
Max speed50 KM / H
Front brake140 disc mm
Rear brakeDisc 140 mm + electronic
Technical Sheet

What's in the KuKirin G2 Max box?

  • Electric scooter KuKirin G2 Max
  • Saddle and fixing bracket
  • Charger
  • User manual
  • Mounting screws
  • Tools for assembly and maintenance
  • Pump for inflating tyres

KuKirin G2 Max it arrives already partially assembled, all that remains is to fix the handlebar and the saddle if we decide to use it.

Design and features

The design is captivating, with square lines alternating with curves that are well suited to its "sporty heart". The dimensions 126x60x580 cm and also the weight of 31 kg which makes it a stable vehicle but not easy to lift. It can still be folded and loaded in public transport or loaded in the trunk of the car.

KuKirin G2 Max rear view

It features a sturdy frame that supports a weight of up to 120 kg and this is also a good one general quality indicator of the product. There is also the certification IP54 which ensures waterproof sprayed with water for 10 minutes, but it is always better to avoid using it in the rain.

KuKirin G2 Max treadmill

La footboard from 56×21 cm it is wide enough to use the feet in parallel, moreover the rubberized surface offers a lot of grip and stability. The footrest continues on the rear with an oblique surface, excellent for wheelies. Finally there are four holes for secure the saddle that comfortable, cushioned, but illegal in Italy.

Il handlebars measures 59 cm, like that of a bicycle, in fact the guide is decidedly more stable than a "classic" scooter, moreover the knobs are covered in rubber and have a protuberance that offers a comfortable palm rest. On the side left we find the control for the direction indicators, electronic horn and lights. On the right there is the accelerator, the power and mode switch button; finally the key to enable starting.

KuKirin G2 Max display

Il   it's gorgeous and futuristic. It is monochromatic, measures 4″ and is easily legible and adjustable in angle according to your height. It shows the current speed, the total kilometers travelled, the remaining battery and the chosen driving mode. I really appreciated being there of the current battery voltage which provides a much more accurate indication of the remaining charge and overall health of the battery.

KuKirin G2 Max is it legal?

Let's clarify this point bluntly: KuKirin G2 Max does not fall within the limits imposed by the highway code.

The speed maximum is 55 km/h instead of 20 and it is not possible to limit it via software. But it would still be useless because the 1000 watt motor is well beyond the 500 permissible. If you then also mount the saddle, it will be like inviting you to be fined.

The paradox is that the KuKirin G2 Max it's a scooter much safer of other "pieces of iron" that I have tried and which are dangerous even at 20 km/h.

KuKirin G2 Max front wheel

La braking it is handled by two 140 mm mechanical disc brakes that offer firm but modulable braking, perhaps the best I've ever experienced on a scooter. The motor which is at the rear does not work as an electronic brake but is immediately disabled during braking.

KuKirin G2 Max led headlight

Il front headlight 8W Led is not directional but it is very powerful to which are added two other lights set in the platform and which generate a lot of light on evening outings. There rear light acts as both a position light and a flashing brake light when braking. Also on the rear there are two lights inserted in the footboard which function as position lights and directional indicators.

KuKirin G2 Max tyre

I 10 ″ tires they offer greater stability and safety than the classic 8.5″ and are also studded enough to make them suitable even for dirt roads.

KuKirin G2 Max shock absorber

There are no shortage of them shock absorbers both on the front and on the rear, with adjustable springs to adapt them to your driving style and the road surface you have to travel. They do a great job and the ride is incredibly comfortable even off-road. Shock absorbers are also important for the safety because they guarantee better grip and safer braking.

Performance and autonomy

The electric scooter KuKirin G2 Max mounts a 1000W brushless rear motor with 1200W peak and a torque of 25N.M/S. Obviously it is not a "racing" scooter but it offers decidedly more exciting performances than legal scooters.

THEacceleration is lightning fast and reaches maximum speed in seconds. There full speed is 55 KM/H, more than enough to travel even long distances. Pickup is also excellent and allows for small overtaking.

Our Customers 3 possible driving modes: Gear 1 limited to 15 km/h and attenuated acceleration; Gear 2 limited to 30 km/h; Gear 3 limited to 55 km/h. I didn't like the fact that when you turn on the scooter it always starts from first gear which is really "sluggish" forcing me to always change gear.

As the slope increases, speed and fun go hand in hand but it's all in all normal. It also defends well on slopes dthe 30° and it is important to be able to face even the most demanding gradients.

Autonomy declared is of 80 Km under favorable conditions. In truth, always going full throttle, the range is around 40/50 km, which in any case is a really excellent value and thanks to the large 20 AH battery.

KuKirin G2 Max Price and Final Opinion

The electric scooter KuKirin G2 Max it is a fantastic product both in terms of quality and performance. Gives lots of fun thanks to the powerful engine and excellent components.

It is suitable for the city but I would especially recommend it to those who live outside and can take advantage of the off-road set-up, the great speed and excellent autonomy.

Il price it is also really very very interesting because even if you take home with only €740 then poco more than several 500W products that exceed 500€. The KuKirin G2 Max Ships free and fast from GeekBuying's warehouses in Europe.

KUKIRIN G2 MAX Electric Scooter 10 Inch 48V 20AH 55KM/H 1000W Motor
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
€708 €708
⚠️ If the coupon has expired, look for the updated one on ours Telegram Channel
8.5 Total score
KuKirin G2 Max

The KuKirin G2 Max electric scooter is a fantastic product in both quality and performance. Give lots of fun in safety at a competitive price.

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