Xiaomi moves to expand into the rest of the world

As soon as it arrived, Hugo Barra he immediately pointed out that Xiaomi's strategies include the expansion of the company beyond the Chinese borders in the near future.

A first step was taken towards Taiwan and Hong Kong, organizing direct sales through the official Taiwanese site and establishing a local distribution center. A large event was also organized to which users were invited. The next step, he says Bar, will be to test the South East Asian market by proposing the same model, although no deadline has been officially formalized for now.

Obviously, the widespread diffusion of the Chinese language in those countries has greatly facilitated the immediate success that Xiaomi products have had, above all because in fact currently the terminals leave the factory only with the English and Chinese languages ​​available.

However, as you know very well, the MIUI community is very extensive and spread in 21 countries outside of China. A community that has contributed in a decisive way to the diffusion of the brand, above all realizing the translations necessary for the use of the terminals in its own country.

It is precisely on this large group of fans (500 millions of users in international forums) that Hugo Barra It counts to start to expand the market. In fact, the MIUI, the custom launcher from Xiaomi, with its free weekly updates, has come up with unimaginable success, creating a truly unique development model, not only collecting bug reports but also suggestions on new features.

According to the analyst Brian Wang of the Forrester analysis company, the expansion in the western market will necessarily pass in the maintenance of low-cost prices on high-end terminals. Greater effort will probably be needed as the costs (distribution, ed) will be higher and Xiaomi will be forced to decrease its profit margins.

The same Hugo Barra he admits that it will be a complex operation but he believes that the current model is a winner and can also be repeated beyond the ocean.

[note-note] It is inferred that it will take some time before seeing Xiaomi terminals in Italian and / or European stores [/ alert-note]

Via | The Wall Street Journal

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I just know that they wait for a long time i read somewhere that will come out in April my question is another one: i would like to know if there are more people who wanted the mi3 64gb or more people were interested in 16gb?

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