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Lenovo Go, the new line of the Chinese house for office work

Lenovo just announced the birth of Lenovo Go, the new brand of the Chinese company that brings together a series of PC devices designed to improve productivity when working on the move. The first accessories that are part of Lenovo Go are Lenovo Go USB-C e Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device. Let's find out what they are in detail.

Lenovo Go already has a power bank and a mouse in its catalog

Lenovo Go USB-C is a power bank from the ability to well 20000 mAh: a huge amount! In addition to this, it can count on an output power of 65 W. It is a perfect device for recharging a laptop: charging takes place completely and even for multiple devices (up to a maximum of 3 simultaneously).

Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device is instead a mouse can be associated with up to three devices, which can be switched from one to the other by simply pressing a button. It also has a utility button that can be programmed with quick shortcuts.

Both will come out at June 2021 at the price of dollars 89,99 for the power bank e dollars 59,99 for the mouse. Both models have been designed from scratch, so as to minimize environmental noise and provide them with great ease of use.

Edoardo D'Amato

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