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Lenovo grows and maintains leadership in the tablet market in India

We had split up a few days with an IDC study revealing the growth of the tablet market, due to the forced lockdown by Covid-19. Today we pick up this news again, because the Indano market, which has recently seen many disputes towards Chinese products, is one of the most prosperous in the sales of Android tablets.

The particular thing is that the Indian users decreed by popular acclaim, the Lenovo company at the head and therefore spokesperson in this technological segment. A commendable sales percentage, which in Q2 of 2020 reaches a share of 48%, practically almost half of total sales, which in fact translate into considering 1 tablet out of 2 from Lenovo.

Lenovo grows and maintains leadership in the tablet market in India


Overall, Android tablets have grown from year to year while at a loss we find the house of the bitten apple, until now considered the best company in the tablet market, although the opinions given in these terms often come from fanboys and nothing else .

The data comes from CyberMedia Research, which also reveals that devices with screens between 7 and 8 inches account for 35% of sales. The 10-inch models remained with the remaining 65%. While it is difficult to believe that Apple has such a small importance in the tablet segment, it is worth remembering that the Indian scenario is extremely competitive and often decides as the winner who offers the lowest price net of more than satisfactory performance. takes advantage of those who offer the lowest price. 


In the global scenario, on the other hand, the iPad is the undisputed leader: in the second quarter of 2020, Apple holds 38% of sales in this segment, followed by Samsung with 18,7% and finally Huawei with only 12,7%. .


Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

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