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Lenovo has seriously considered Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha for this patent

Lenovo is not a company very present in the field of smartphone, at least not as much as the various Xiaomi, Oppo and OnePlus. However, this does not mean that she is not interested in this sector. Indeed, the proof that it even wants to try to amaze users lies in the presence of a new patent presented at the CNIPA and brought to us in color by the team of LetsGoDigital. This presents a smartphone very different from the Legion that the brand produces: it is placed in a much more premium and elegant range, as if to challenge Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha.

With this smartphone Lenovo wants to challenge Xiaomi's Mi MIX Alpha: 180 ° surround screen and lots of design

The patent in question was applied for last year at CNIPA but it was only accepted today. This is a Lenovo smartphone that is very different from the gaming Legions we are used to seeing. The device is not presented in a single variant: the team of LetsGoDigital states that there are as many as 10 different proposals for him. But let's see just a few. The common feature of all is the presence of one 180 ° surround screen that wraps the right and left edges.

lenovo smartphone patent like mi mix alpha

A difference with Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha, however, lies in the absence of a part of the screen at the back: while the Xiaomi device covers the body at the back, this one has a back completely in aluminum. Here is housed the photographic sector which, as we see in the photos, adopts from four to five sensors. In the two models on the right we also see a periscope sensor.

As for the front design, we see that Lenovo has thought of three different solutions. One of these involves a single hole in the center at the top of the screen: another a double hole but moved to the left corner; the third even includes one camera under the display. In the latter option we also note the absence of the ear capsule.

Since this is a patent, it is not excluded that this device will not see the light, but the opposite is not true either.

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