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Lytia, Sony's new smartphone image sensor brand, features five 50-megapixel sensors

Lytia, the new image sensor brand for smartphones from Sony, has unveiled five new sensors with a resolution of 50 megapixels, targeting different market segments and different shooting needs.

Lytia, Sony's new smartphone image sensor brand, features five 50-megapixel sensors

The Lytia brand, which derives from Lyra (lyre) and Light (light), was announced at the end of 2022. The concept behind this brand is to offer image sensors that can truly express the scene in front of the user .

The five new models are LYT900, LYT800, LYT700, LYT600 and LYT500, all with a resolution of around 50 million pixels, but with different dimensions and technical levels.

LYT900 is the flagship product, with a size of 1/0,98 inchlow power consumption. It is a 1-inch image sensor that can achieve high grayscale value and high shooting quality.

LYT800 is a high-end model, with a size of 1/1,43 inch and an effective pixel number of approximately 53 million. It is Sony's first product to adopt a double-layer transistor pixel structure, which can achieve high saturation signal volume and high-quality output close to a 1-inch sensor.

LYT700 is a product from 1 / 1,56 inches, does not affect the slim design of the mobile phone and supports high-end functions such as HDR (High Dynamic Range).

LYT6000 is a product from 1 / 1,953 inches, is a popular model and supports features such as full-pixel autofocus, which enables fast and accurate focusing.

LYT500 is a 50/1-inch 2,93-megapixel sensor, suitable for front selfie lenses and supports always-on always-on functions, which allows the sensor to detect the user's face and automatically adjust exposure and white balance.

According to Sony, the reason Lytia has launched more 50-megapixel sensors is because this is an increasingly used resolution in smartphones, as it offers a good combination of detail and noise.

Now it remains to be seen which mobile phone companies will be the first to use these new sensors and what their real performance will be.


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