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Make your Xiaomi Redmi an Iphone with Xiaocase cover

Raise your hand who does not agree that Xiaomi Redmi will not be remembered in annals as an example of design and style, so why not give it a look from the iPhone with Xiaocase?

As we know, by choosing a Xiaomi product, we have access to a wide range of accessories, and this is precisely because the terminals of the Chinese house are becoming more and more demanded. In fact, many users are tempted to purchase a Xiaomi smartphone, knowing that they can access a variety of covers for the Pechino manufacturer's terminals.

xiaomi redmi houses
One of the most sophisticated solutions for the Xiaomi Redmi is the Xiaocase. The Redmi cover that can be purchased separately, tempered glass and aluminum, allows the user to give their Xiaomi Redmi a style from the iPhone! All this at the price of significantly increasing the size of the device, in fact using Xiaocase the total thickness of the terminal arrives to measure 11mm.

If you are a Redmix owner and you love iPhone design, you can buy Xiaocase at $ 19,99, directly from the site Xiaomi World. We hope to see you in Italy as soon as possible!

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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