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Meeting between two major CEOs, Xiaomi and Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is on a business trip to China where, according to an important report, he secretly met Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun.


Although the reason for the meeting is completely unknown, he began to circulate the hypothesis that the Chinese company would launch new devices with Windows operating system in the future: specifically, a Windows version of Xiaomi MiPad is being discussed, and moreover to a lesser extent, any smartphones for the business sector.

Obviously we do not expect to see a Xiaomi product with Os Windows soon, it is much more likely that the purpose of the meeting was to exchange information, market opinions, etc. Satya Nadella might have offered Jun a chance to use its own Os but for obvious reasons (primarily because the MIUI world is an eco-system that lives with its own light) it is unlikely that it will accept it.

It has in fact passed poco long since the Beijing company announced its plans to attack the market shares of Apple and its iPad thanks to the collaboration of developers capable of making the MIUI eco-system more and more efficient and attractive, creating applications optimized for own Os and present in the Xiaomi store. The software platform is arguably the most important discriminant for a device's success and as Windows is still struggling with failing issues. poco I count on the smartphone and tablet segments, it is very likely that the Xiaomi CEO has not even evaluated the hypothesis (provided that Nadella has formally presented an offer to Jun).

What do you think? Windows Phone on a Xiaomi product would you like? Let us know in the comments!

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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