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Meizu also gives itself to the automotive industry and announces the Flyme For Car interface

After Lei Jun's company, too Meizu has decided to set foot in the world of cars, albeit in a different way. We saw just how today Xiaomi has formalized the fact that it will enter the electric car market: he announced it in today's conference immediately after presenting the My MIX Fold. However, it's not the only company to have an eye on automotive sector. In a different way, Meizu is also doing it and just today (it is no coincidence) announced Flyme For Car.

What is Meizu's Flyme For Car? Is it an interface for cars or just an integration for smartphones?

First of all, as always, we thank the team of MEIZU Fans Global who reported the important news to us. Following the launch of the Flyme 9, or the Android smartphone skin, the Chinese brand has decided to go even further and announce something more. Although the information regarding the FlymeFor Car have not yet been revealed, we assume that it is a 'smartphone-car interface.

meizu flyme for car
Announcement of Flyme For Car, a possible personalized smartphone-car interface

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After this announcement they arrive at three versions of Flyme customization: one for smartphones, one for smartwatches and now, one for cars. As we said, it is unlikely that Meizu is planning a car like Xiaomi. Although it has been present for years in the tech scene, it seems absurd to us that future projects see a car (electric or not) in the catalog.

Rather we believe it is some sort of smartphone implementation that it serves for command the car. Clearly, by "command" we do not intend to drive remotely, but to access basic functions such as turn on the air conditioning or to slightly more complicated functions such as iSend data from the car to the PC remotely, always via smartphone.

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