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Meizu is preparing to welcome Huawei's HMS services

Meizu it has not yet arrived in our country but is making giant steps in motherland. One of the latest news regarding the brand concerns his own possible arrival in Europe, but nothing has been confirmed. In the meantime, however, in China, rumors are starting that the company's mobile devices will soon mount i Huawei's HMS services. What does it mean and what are they? Let's see it well together and try to understand if this could mean something for us too.

According to an insider, Meizu could make use of Huawei's HMS services: let's see what they are and what it means for users

Before seeing the news in detail, a special thanks to MEIZU Fans Global. According to statements by a Huawei staff member on the Chinese social network Bilibili, Meizu may soon rely on Huawei's HMS services. In short: it is the counterpart of GMS (Google services, which for obvious reasons are not present in China). In other words, Meizu's smartphones should provide users with the Support for applications integrating HMS Core via Huawei Mobile Service. Huawei launched the mobile version of HMS Core 5.0 on June 22 last year and announced on July 7 that Huawei HMS Core 5.0 has been officially launched for developers globally.

meizu hms huawei services

In a perspective in which the Chinese brand could set foot in Europe, are there any dangers for users who want to use the company's terminals? We don't really know yet. What is certain is that it would be one very risky choice for the company to opt for HMS rather than GMS. The western market is now "monopolized" by Google and not being able to exploit its suite is not only recommended, but also poco fruitful. Google services are now running which is a marvel and we never see problems.

But there is also another question: integrating these services would also mean replace the android skin? Maybe yes maybe no. It would be absurd to think that Meizu, a company clearly external to Huawei, would give up its skin FlymeOS. This is a great customization that Chinese users really appreciate.

We await official news.


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