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Meizu Lipro LED presented in China: the high quality smart ceiling lights arrive

In early 2021, Meizu Technology released the first phase of Lipro Smart Home products - Lipro's health lighting series. The Lipro health lighting series integrates the highest quality light source and elegant industrial design, with the aim of providing users with a high quality, full scene lighting experience.

Meizu Lipro LED presented in China: the high quality smart ceiling lights arrive

Well, today at the Meizu Smart Life conference, Lipro Smart Home officially launched the Meizu Lipro LED smart ceiling lamp, available in three sizes of 30/40/50 cm, priced at 499 yuan (64 euros), 799 yuan (100 euros) and 999 yuan (130 euros). The product will be sold in China starting June XNUMXst.

The Meizu Lipro LED smart ceiling lamp has an incredible 2cm ultra-thin lamp body, condensed into a three-layer light guide structure, surround side lighting and a high-performance custom power supply. The total lack of screw holes also interprets the simplicity of MEIZU Design in a more intuitive way.

Meizu Lipro LED smart ceiling light supports continuous dimming, making light and dark adjustment more delicate and smooth. Based on this dimming method, the Lipro team also developed a series of algorithms that optimize the experience of switching lights on and off.

These algorithms allow the Lipro LED intelligent ceiling light to adjust the lighting time based on the current day and night conditions of the environment, different from the previous change in the on and off status of the "pop" light. The Lipro smart ceiling light is based on non-inductive lighting. With the linear dimming of the light off, you will have the feeling that the smart Lipro LED ceiling light comes on slowly and gracefully when we press the power button.

A high quality light source is certainly important, as in any great ceiling lamp, and guiding the light correctly is also key to providing users with a comfortable photosensitive experience. Meizu's Lipro LED smart ceiling lamp introduces a three-layer light guide structure consisting of a diffusion layer, a light guide layer and a reflective layer. The light guide system is sufficient to diffuse a soft light at a wide angle and is built into the 2cm ultra-thin lamp body. In this way, under the Meizu Lipro LED smart ceiling light, the glare and strobe can disappear without a trace.

We then have a variable color temperature of 3000K-4000K which is also the best color temperature of home lighting designed by the Lipro team after many experimental tests and analysis of various data. The Lipro LED ceiling lamp has a color temperature adjustment system that is not affected by the ambient lighting conditions, the color temperature of 3000k-4000k therefore remains unchanged in any external situation.

The Meizu Lipro LED smart ceiling lamp was produced thanks to the mission of the Lipro brand. The selection, design and production of materials are carried out in accordance with the highest industry standards. The innovative lamp body design combines a minimalist and rapid installation structure, whether it is a light perception experience or an assembly experience.

The multi-platform intelligent interconnection also allows the smart Lipro LED ceiling lights to have a more “intelligent” interactive experience. Users can control it intelligently via Lipro Smart Home app and Tmall Genie, one click, one sentence, one push, no switch is needed.

Along with the Meizu Lipro LED smart ceiling lamp, there are two smart ceiling light controllers priced at 99 yuan (13 euros), a three-button controller priced at 199 yuan (26 euros) and Meizu Lipro LED priced at 99 yuan . Downlight.

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