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Meizu Mini Router: more details and prices!

Someone thinks that Meizu copy Apple and who says that Meizu it's too much about products Xiaomi. We will not tell you how we think of it.

Having said that, we certainly know that Meizu on yesterday's day he launched his new device called Meizu Pro 5. But not only! He also launched a mini router at a very affordable price.

Meizu Mini Router

Meizu Mini Router


Two versions of the Meizu Mini Router have been made available:

  • Basic version which offers coverage 2.4 GHz from the cost of 99 yuan.
  • Pro version which offers coverage 5.0 Ghz from the cost of 169 yuan (About € 24 at current exchange rates).

In both versions, the processor will be present MediaTek MT7628AN (in version Pro is present co-processor MT7610E) joined with 64MB di RAM. Furthermore, the pro version includes the Wi-Fi 802.11ac protocol with a maximum speed of 433Mbps.


Meizu Mini Router


We are in crisis time! So, the Chinese startup made it possible to buy his new one Mini Router in bundle (packages) with a device Meizu which will reduce the cost. There basic version da 99 yuan it is reduced to 69 yuan (About €9.70) while the pro version "Passes by" 169 yuan a 119 yuan (About €16.70).


Il router it comes with a shape roundish of white candied color. Really a good product!



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