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Meizu: lots of meat in the fire with TV, tablet, router and smartwatch

The projects of Meizu there are many, many, and as we have seen in the last period he also plans to launch the Flyme for Car. It is an operating system, or rather an interface, which can be adapted to the cars. Through this the cars (not owned by the brand certainly) will be able to talk to smartphones equipped with FlymeOS. But even more is brewing according to what emerged from the Chinese media. Let's go and see the news but first we thank the well-trained team of MEIZU Fans Global that helped us.

Meizu intends to launch, under the Meilan brand, numerous products including tablets, TVs and smart TVs, routers and even smartwatches: a lot of meat in the fire

According to the news reported by the overseas media, Meizu he would be preparing lots of new products. Before seeing which ones specifically, we need to digression on what it is Meilan. Meilan is a "sector" of Meizu if you like, a bit like Redmi for Xiaomi, a sector used for production of lower-end smartphones such as the Meizu M3 Note. Well, apparently the Chinese giant would have dusted off this name and commissioned him to produce new things.

meizu: tablets, tvs, smartwatches

As we can see from the image coming from Weibo, the giant would have renamed Meilan's account as MeilanTV, Meilan tablet, Meilan Smartwatches e Meilan Router. Well, according to what has been confirmed by the Chinese media, these products should be the next to be presented. At the moment, however, unfortunately, neither names, nor prices, nor release dates have emerged.

However, we are sure that they will be many news that we will hear in the coming months about Meizu. Stay tuned to find out more.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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