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Meizu vs Xiaomi: Meizu MX4 Mini, here are the details!

La cold war gone ahead in the last two weeks between Xiaomi and Meizu seems to have arrived at the terminus. After the official confirmation - arrived in the last hours - of a new Xiaomi-phone mid-range to annoy the new top of the range Meizu, here comes the counter-offensive of Jack Wong: Meizu MX4 Mini!

On 2 September we enthusiastically welcomed the new Meizu flagship. All perfect! We who have a good memory, however, remember that, in the launch phase, the company had promised 4 new devices by the end of the year ... what will they be? Of the three that remain, one will certainly be the Meizu MX4 Pro, of which we have glimpsed technical specifications and whose existence we have indirectly confirmed thanks to a strange post from the company CEO, of the other two, however, nothing is still done.

According to what Jack Wong published on his weibo profile, the company's plans would include a new mid-range terminal, a new terminal that can rival the Redmi line devices. The device, which could have the name MX4 Mini, should be launched in China at a price no higher than 1.499 Yuan (at current exchange rates around 190 euros).

In recent months, rumors emerged that they wanted the MX4 Mini to feature the following specifications: Full-HD resolution display, MediaTek MT6592 processor, 4G LTE connectivity and expandable memory. The Xiaomi Redmi 1S from its offers support LTE network, HD display and slot for a single SIM, but the price with which it arrives on the market is very different ...

Il catfight public between Xiaomi and Meizu is very interesting. Do you find plausible the hypothesis that Meizu can commercialize his alleged Meizu MX4 Mini at a shock price only to put the sticks in the wheels to the excessive power Redmi?


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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