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Official Meizu Watch with Snapdragon Wear 4100 at 1499 yuan (190 €)

This afternoon Meizu held a conference in which it officially released its first smartwatch: the Meizu Watch. Meizu CMO Wan Zhiqiang said the Meizu Watch can be called a new generation of flagships for the wearable category.

Official Meizu Watch with Snapdragon Wear 4100 at 1499 yuan (190 €)

The Meizu Watch arrives with a custom Corning Gorilla Glass cover and an AMOLED display that reaches 326PPI. The display effect is extremely sharp and with 46th generation Extreme Edge technology it can present a very elegant look. In general the dial has a size of XNUMX mm.

The smartwatch supports global gestures, requires no physical button operations, and also introduces a sliding unlock method.

The dial is also a strong point of the device. The Meizu Watch has specially customized watch faces of various styles, including artistic dials like the Surreal series, the New Era series, and the Tourist Twilight series.

The smartwatch is available in two colors, rock black and light blue, with a fluorine rubber strap. While the charging base is made of brass with double gold-nickel plating, so you don't have to worry about electric shocks and oxidation. A single cable can meet the charging needs of smartphones and smartwatches at the same time. It still takes 45 minutes for a full charge and 15 minutes for a quick charge.

In terms of hardware, the Meizu Watch is equipped with Qualcomm's most powerful new generation Wear 4100 chip, with a 12nm manufacturing process, which gives users longer battery life and less heat generation.

Meizu believes that the smartwatch should be able to have the three main characteristics of independent use, collaboration and interoperability and intelligent expansion.

The Meizu smartwatch is equipped with the Flyme For Watch system developed independently on the basis of the Android system, it completely inherits the main features of Flyme on smartphones but with more than 300 exclusive optimizations for wearable, allowing the smartwatch to have a refresh rate of the 60hz display, therefore very fluid.

The Meizu Watch supports major Chinese apps such as Alipay, Zonghanghanglu, Baidu Maps, custom Sogou input method, text input is also made on the small screen, and also supports Aicy intelligent voice assistant.

Furthermore, in addition to being a smartwatch, it can also become a smart car key. This time, Flyme for Watch has developed an in-depth collaboration with Te Neng Xing. With the Meizu smartwatch, you can in fact use the integrated Te Neng Xing app to complete some smart operations on cars.

Standalone eSIM calls have become the standard for flagship smartwatches. Meizu Watch supports the three major operators to call, send messages and surf the Internet independently. A metal frame with no breakpoints is used and there is no antenna band barrier.

In addition, its NFC bus card function supports 305 interconnected cities all over China, and supports dual smartphone copy modes and blank door card; supports cloud migration of Meizu mobile card.

Meizu's smartwatch supports health monitoring functions, including: blood oxygen, heart rate, stress and sleep monitoring. It is an automatic health monitoring for all weather conditions.

Meizu also partnered with Meixin to create a professional health test; using high-end ceramic materials that are not prone to allergies, a professional sensor Fresnel lens and a micro-arc curved surface design more suitable for long-term wear.

In terms of sports, Meizu's smartwatch supports over 10 active sports awards without manual mode adjustment. At the same time, it prepares a series of detailed data on specific sports to allow users to view the status of the sport in real time at any time.

Finally, for prices, the Meizu Watch will be sold in China at a price of 1499 yuan, about 190 euros at the exchange rate.

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