MIUI Launcher revolution: let's get ready for the app drawer!

Anyone who has experienced a Xiaomi smartphone will remember with some enthusiasm the fluidity and immediacy of the Chinese company's operating system. The lack of the app drawer, - which perhaps someone will remind iOS and will be a sore point - and the ease of use are certainly characteristic points of the MIUI of Xiaomi. The launch of the Poco launcher, in conjunction with the presentation of the Pocophone F1, in addition, had already begun to reveal something that ... today seems to materialize also on Xiaomi: the new MIUI launcher will have the app drawer!


If until now you were used to looking for apps on your Xiaomi by scrolling to the right, now you will need one swipe upwards (or a click on a dedicated icon) to open the app drawer as on other Android smartphones. This choice of Xiaomi probably falls under the guidelines that Google had dictated some time ago for the use of its Android releases: for manufacturers it will no longer be possible to deviate too much from the dictates of the Californian house, a symptom of the search for uniformity of Google.

miui drawer app


How to try the new MIUI launcher with the app drawer

For the more curious - but especially for those who are not afraid of changes - there is the possibility of try the new MIUI launcher in Alpha version, in the release, by downloading the apk file from following link


To activate the drawer you will have to activate the option shown in the following image (in Chinese) and recoverable by accessing the menu Settings> Launcher.

miui drawer app

Once enabled, the presentation of the new features introduced by the new launcher (in Chinese, however) will start, among which are to be reported the shortcuts to apps which will appear in the event of a long press on an icon and the recent apps that will be updated in the first row of the drawer.

Installation of the new launcher in the Alpha version is recommended ONLY to those who use an official Global or China ROM.

Surely many of you will not be happy with this novelty that will not just upset the daily experience of Xiaomi smartphones, but as you have certainly noticed, it will not be a forced choice as it will always be possible to disable the drawer from the settings menu.

And how do you think? Will you try to use the drawer on your Xiaomi? Let us know in the comments and remember to always follow XiaomiToday.it!


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1 year ago

I recently bought a Mi 9t and even if I have to wait a little I already suffer from the lack of the drawer. Probably if they hadn't communicated this news I would never have tried to buy a Xiaomi phone.

Mario Rossi
Mario Rossi
1 year ago

I have always used Launcher 10… I much prefer the interface I had on the lumia.
Tiles in the home to customize and swipe to the left with the list in alphabetical order of all installed apps and at the top the search field that filters everything on the fly

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