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TicWatch, Wear OS 3 delayed: Mobvoi explains why and gives a date

Mobvoi smartwatch enthusiasts wonder why Wear OS 3 is not activated on TicWatches. These smart watches are very popular but there is this small problem: the company has not yet released the most important update. Ma when will he do it? Unfortunately, there is no certain date yet, the brand explained via a press release on reason of the delay behind the release of this update. Let's see the details.

When is Wear OS 3 coming to TicWatches? Mobvoi explains the update delay with a post on Twitter. We tell you all the details

Mobvoi tweeted on Monday about the delayed Wear OS 3 update for its TicWatch models. According to the announcement, its eligible smartwatch models, such as the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra, use the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 which is capable of running the software. At the same time, they use the coprocessor internal of the company to handle certain tasks. “This requires additional architecture updates and performance debugging when upgrading to Wear OS 3 to ensure the highest level of software quality and user experience“, the company said in the statement.

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While Snapdragon Wear 4100+ (released in 2020) has its own low-power coprocessor to handle tasks like continuous heart rate monitoring, alarms, stopwatches, the regular version doesn't. It does much the same to save battery power and help smartwatches run more efficiently with support for the company's dual-display technology.

In essence the company apologized for the delay and a Mobvoi representative even indicated that the Wear OS 3 update would arrive in the third quarter of this year, which would mean that it could arrive between July and September. And, as Mobvoi's statement noted, the update is likely to come at some point for the TicWatch Pro 3, Pro 3 Ultra, and the cheaper TicWatch E3.

Meanwhile, the company says it will conduct a “extended closed betawhich it will announce at some point, though it's currently unclear how users will be chosen to participate. Hopefully, this should help the company fix any user-facing bugs before releasing it more widely to its users. It is worth mentioning that the Colossus he also disclosed his upcoming TicWatch model powered by the new Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1, but there has been no official statement on its progress or when it will be available.

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