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Netflix will raise prices in 2024 and prepares to say goodbye to a subscription

Netflix is ​​preparing to introduce a price increase for its subscriptions in 2024. This decision, announced in the recent letter to shareholders, he links to one investment strategy and continuous improvement of the service. The impact of these changes on user habits and on the streaming market will be notable, marking a significant change for fans of TV series and films who will perhaps decide to abandon (once and for all this time) the platform.

Changes in Netflix Subscription Plans: Price Increase for 2024

Netflix recently announced a change in its pricing policy. According to the letter sent to shareholders in the fourth quarter of 2023, 2024 will see an increase in season ticket prices. The company justifies these increases as necessary to support ongoing investment and improvement of the service offered. This announcement follows theprice increase in Europe a few months ago.

As we invest in and improve Netflix, we will occasionally ask our subscribers to pay a little extra to reflect those improvements.

Netflix's price increase does not appear to be tied to a single cause, but rather an overall strategy aimed at ensure a constant flow of investments. Inflation and operating costs, such as those related to data centers, could be among the triggers, even if not explicitly mentioned in the investor communication.

netflix advertising

In particular, Netflix is ​​changing the structure of its plans, with a focus on more expensive or ad-supported plans. The Basic plan, previously the cheapest and without advertising, is being phased out. The new plan Standard with advertising costs €5,99 per month, less than half of the plan Standard without ads now at €13,49 per month.

This price differentiation appears to be aimed at incentivize users to choose plans with advertising, bringing a significant change in the company's business model. Netflix aims to generate new revenue and profit streams through its advertising business, while improving the segmentation and metrics offered to advertisers.

Another aspect that Netflix is ​​focusing on is sharing passwords and accounts. Although the company believes it has "successfully addressed" this problem, no concrete data has been provided on the number of users who have joined the new features Profile Transfer e Member Additional.

New Netflix prices for Europe

PianoPrice NewPrevious Price
With advertising5,99 €4,99 €
Basic10,99 €7,99 €
Standard13,49 €12,99 €
Premium19,99 €17,99 €
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