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NEWS: Xiaomi Redmi Notes, the clone is already on sale!

The new and already popular Xiaomi phablet, huh Xiaomi Redmi Notes, has attracted the attention of Chinese manufacturing companies immediately clones. Some of these replicas would be, and well, already for sale on the market!

It's not uncommon to see clones or replicas of products Xiaomi but the speed with which this is finished on the market is worrying.

Xiaomi Redmi Note clone
The most alarming thing, at least for Xiaomi, is that the ease of finding Miui ROMs and / or MIUI Launcher makes this clone a semblance of really noticeable Redmi Notes. The hi-tech M8cool blog was put on a sample of the Redmi Note clone and only with a measuring instrument managed to find a difference, it is slightly narrower.

Xiaomi Redmi Note clone
The one who produced it did an incredible job, replicating not only the external aesthetics but also skillfully reconstructing the interior. The "MI" logo is clearly visible in the space that houses the battery.

Xiaomi Redmi Note clone
If you have already purchased the Xiaomi Redmi Notes and doubt about its authenticity check for some things: the real Redmi Note weighs 199 gr, the clone weighs instead 187 gr ... the thickness of the clone is of 9,4 mm and the frames are from 4,32 mm.

Technical specifications are still a mystery


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