Discount Code - The brand new Xiaomi Mijia 1S Robot Vacuum at 314 € warranty 2 years Italy and 273 € guarantee China

Today we propose the object of desire of all of us single men, but also of women who do not have much time to devote to cleaning the floor: the new and improved Xiaomi 1S vacuum cleaner that you can buy THIS LINK also taking advantage of our discount code: XMTODAY5

mijia 1s 1 robot

MI ROBOT VACUUM 1S - the new version of the most famous Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner has finally arrived! This robot has many improvements and an important novelty: the recognition of environments through AI. Now it is possible to divide the house into rooms and thanks to the renewed LDS laser sensor cleaning will be much more precise. The LDS sensor analyzes the environment at 360 degrees for 5 times per second and the SLAM algorithm creates a path for optimal room cleaning!

The suction power is passed to well 2000Pa (pneumatic pressure) while the 5200 mAh battery guarantees up to almost 3 hours of autonomy.

It also improves 13% cleaning efficiency and thanks to planning smart of the path that can be set directly from the app Mi Home, you can draw virtual walls and select some areas of your home for precise and rapid cleaning.

Another novelty of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1S is the monitoring of the state of the container in which the dirt is accumulated. When this is filled, the Mi Robot 1S will send a notification to your smartphone. As in the previous model, the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Smart are also present 12 sensors including LDS, ultrasonic radar sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer, intelligent telephone controls, real-time monitoring and cleaning programs set by Mi Home application.

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Excuse me, I can't understand, to clean a house with 2 different floors, using a map per floor, is it necessary to buy two recharging bases by force of circumstances?

Claudio pinto

but is it the first version or the second one?

Claudio pinto

* duplicate question *

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