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Goodbye giant cameras on smartphones: OmniVision presents the smallest pixel in the world

OmniVision is a pioneering company, so far ahead to present the world's smallest 200 megapixel smartphone photo sensor. But we keep talking about miniatures, given that the same Chinese company today presented a special pixel. As you know, photographic sensors "go" to pixels. You will also know that smartphones have bigger and bigger cameras. Good, OmniVision presented il smallest pixel in the world. Let's see the details together.

Luckily, smartphone cameras will be smaller and smaller, also thanks to OmniVision. Here is the smallest pixel in the world

The Chinese company has introduced a new technology for creating image sensors with a pixel size less than the wavelength of red light. Such a solution will not only change the whole industry's view on mobile camera development, but will also make the modules themselves more compactwhile maintaining high resolution images.

By reducing the pixel size a 0.56 micron, manufacturers will be able to increase the resolution of the cameras of smartphones and other devices without increasing the size of the sensor itself. Furthermore, the smartphone design can potentially change, which will no longer require huge overhangs on the body.

OmniVision features the smallest pixel in the world

OmniVision engineers note that the new technology will not affect the quality of shooting and the accuracy of autofocus. In addition, adjacent pixel blending technology will be used to increase light sensitivity. To create proprietary sensors, patented technology was used for the deep embedding of a photodiode in silicon.

The first prototype will be released in second quarter of 2022. This will be a test sample with a resolution of 200 megapixels. Smartphone models with similar cameras will appear on the market in the 2023.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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