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OnePlus 12: while waiting for the Global launch, here are the official wallpapers available to download

OnePlus 12, recently presented in China, is already making waves as one of the top Android smartphones this year. With the Global launch upon us, a surprise awaits enthusiasts: the possibility of download exclusive wallpapers of the device, a preview that brings a piece of OnePlus 12 directly to your screens. Here's what they look like and how to download them.

Discover and download exclusive OnePlus 12 wallpapers

The recent announcement of OnePlus 12 has raised a wave of enthusiasm among technology enthusiasts. This device not only promises high-level performance, but brings with it a refined aesthetic, which is also visible in its customized wallpapers. OnePlus launched its new flagship in three color variants - black, green, and white - and has developed for each of these a static background and an animated one, giving a distinctive and personalized touch to each version.

These backgrounds, available in both static and animated versions, have been designed to enhance the visual quality of the device screen. Static wallpapers shine with their high resolution of 3.168 x 1.440 pixels, while live wallpapers, MP4 files lasting four seconds, can be easily set on any Android smartphone thanks to applications available on the Google Play Store.

However, it is important to note that the images presented in the gallery are low resolution. To fully appreciate their quality, we recommend downloading them directly from the link provided by Android Authority, where they are available in their original and complete form.

OnePlus 12 specifications

Small PartsDetails
Display6,82 inches, 3216 x 1440 px, 120 Hz
Brightness4500 cd / m²
SoCSnapdragon 8 Gen3
Battery5400 mAh
recharge100W wired, 50W wireless
Main Camera50MP Sony LYT-808
ultra-wide48 MP Sony IMX581
Periscopic64MP OmniVision OV64B
Optical Zoom3x
SoundHolographic, stereo
PricingFrom €610 to €820 at the current exchange rate
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