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OnePlus: New Product Coming In The Next Days?

The co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei, in recent months revealed that a third device OnePlus it would be presented before the end of this year, perhaps around Christmas time. In the image that appeared on the net, in the foreground we can see what appears to be a leather material, but it is not 100% clear.



On the lower part of the image, we notice the words that are present "A bit of welcome luxury. " which translated could mean "A luxury welcome”. It could be an image teaser of a future back cover in leather destined for an existing product?

On the official page of Google+, the company, writes that "Something luxurious is coming out in the open. What could it be?"It seems that the answer is a leather product, as already mentioned, that will serve users to improve their aesthetically Two OnePlus.


Carl Pei, co-source of the company.

The prices of this future product have not been revealed, on the other hand it is just an image teaser. But it could become official in the next few weeks. We'll see…





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