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OnePlus X: Snapdragon 801 and launch in October?

New interesting rumors about the new smartphone OnePlus they made a peek in the net again! What is this about this time?

OnePlus X: likely to launch in October with Snapdragon 801!


OnePlus X

It's been a couple of weeks now that we talk about this hypothetical new smartphone that should be launched by the Chinese company OnePlus. We showed you the first ones presumed render and his first benchmark on the Antutu platform, we communicated the likely launch country and here we are here to provide you with a new piece to add to this incomplete puzzle.

OnePlus X

Today's rumors come from a secret informant within the factories where OnePlus it sold its smartphones. According to the latter, the design of the phantom OnePlus X would arise from a stylistic revision of the present Two OnePlus which, in his view, did not like most users (I find it spectacular instead!). We do not know if the design of the future OnePlus will correspond to what we see in the renders present in this article, but if so, the OnePlus X would really be a premium look device: that fingerprint recognition sensor on the back and especially that dual rear camera give this smartphone the lines that were catchy! Not Found?

OnePlus X

But come to the juice of the matter! The source mentioned above also revealed that the processor adopted on the OnePlus X will be the top ex-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, a processor that would allow the Chinese company to limit production costs and stay on the threshold dollars 249 as a sale price to the public. Seeing the goodness and the low cost of this Snapdragon 801 I think this one of OnePlus is the best choice to offer a mid-range smartphone with all-in-one high-level specifications. We'll see!

Finally, again by voice of the source, we find a confirmation of what will be the launch period of this OnePlus X, a period that is closer than we could expect. We speak of the month of October, so we should not wait long before we know this phantom OnePlus X. Stay tuned!


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