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Oppo Find X2 Pro: 65W quick charge doesn't damage the battery Test

By now we know that Oppo is the undisputed leader in the fast charging sector for smartphones. Not by chance poco some time ago he unveiled his new one 125W charging technology with cable and 65W wireless. So far so good if it were not that many, non-specialized or even specialized users, immediately accused the charging power as it would undermine the battery health. This is true if the charging cell wasn't optimized, sure. But still there is poco to say if you do not experiment. Colleagues from they did it with Oppo Find X2 Pro and the result was excellent. Let's see the details together.

The laboratory test on Oppo Find X2 Pro has shown that after a high number of cycles, rapid charging does not damage the smartphone battery

Before seeing the complete test carried out by Italian colleagues (and for once we are proud that this is the source) let's quickly recap what we have under the body of theOppo Find X2 Pro. Clearly let's talk about the battery compartment: 4260 mAh double rechargeable cell with 2.0W SuperVOOC 65 flashobviously wired. Now let's go to the test: this lasted for 45 days by squeezing the device to the maximum. What does it mean? It means that the performance of the Find X2 Pro has been used to its full potential and that is, the 120Hz display as well as the maximum resolution QHD + and the connection 5G.

I charging cycles carried out by the team are precisely 248, established by them as the limit of cycles performed by an average user in a year. Remember that the performances are pumped to the maximum, therefore in reality the cycles are greater than most. The start of the test took place on March 25 with software version CPH2025_11_A.06: it had totaled 7 hours and 39 minutes of use. After almost 250 charging cycles the device has come to total 6 hours and minutes 30 of use. This only means a 15% less than at the beginning.

The charging cycles have been done from 5% of battery remaining to 100%: a "useless" stress in daily life that leads the cell to a much faster degradation than if loaded between 20% and 80%. Clearly a battery depletion also resulted in a temperature increase while charging Oppo Find X2 Pro.


It has passed from 36 ° to 44 °. It must be said, however, that in the months of April and May the weather went getting hotter and therefore the overheating of the device can also be attributed to this. In any case at the end of the fair we lost only 15% of the battery left in total since the start of the test. The predictions of the staff were 35% and therefore we can say that the smartphone has behaved very well. In fact, even the brand itself had stated that after about 500 charging cycles, the battery life remained in good condition.

All this to say that Oppo is doing an excellent job and at 360 °: it has not only increased the charging power but also optimized the battery itself so that the device can remain healthy for as long as possible. It remains to be seen whether the Chinese company will do the same in the future 125W wired charging and that to 65W wireless. The latter in particular remains an unknown since there is no certain data at the moment, not even from other brands. Oppo is in fact the first company in the world to have achieved this record and it is therefore up to you to provide us with the first data about the possibility of safely integrating these technologies on the devices.

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