Oppo MariSilicon Y is the SoC designed to pump up TWS headphones

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As part of the Inno Day 2022 conference, the Chinese company Oppo announced the second processor of its own design, MariSilicon Y. If the HusbandSilicon X presented last year was intended for smartphones and was responsible for processing photos, the new Y chip is focused on wireless headphones in order to provide high-quality sound. Let's see the details in the article.

After MariSilicon X, Oppo announces MariSilicon Y. This is an all-new processor this time dedicated to TWS headphones. The details

For the moment poco it is known about Oppo MariSilicon Y. The company has in fact spoiled a few details but not completely. To find out more we will have to wait for the next high-end headphones that will be presented next year. The new Oppo MariSilicon Y audio chip supports very high quality lossless audio up to 24bit/192kHz. A record bandwidth of 12 Mbps is claimed for such processors. Also, its AI processing power reaches as high as 590 GOPS.

oppo marisilicon y

Other processor features include support for local music extraction and custom spatial audio. The company says MariSilicon Y is manufactured using TSMC's most advanced N6RF process technology for RF solutions, delivering significant gains in performance and energy efficiency. All of this should improve the sound quality and increase the battery life of TWS headphones equipped with this chip.

As obvious, the MariSilicon Y processor will be used in the company's upcoming flagship TWS headphones that will be presented next year. It is worth noting that the Chinese giant is trying to become independent from Qualcomm and all the companies that supply chips.

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