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OPPO's AndesGPT is official: the AI ​​platform that we will find on Find X7 is second only to GPT-4

It was September of this year when we spoke for the first time di AndesGPT, OPPO's AI generative model. The company today officially presented the platform, revealing the main features and data behind this model. The platform allows you to transform the interaction between humans and smartphones through a series of cutting-edge features. Here are the details.

AndesGPT: characteristics and potential of OPPO's AI model

OPPO has finally unveiled its big initiative in the field of artificial intelligence: AndesGPT. This new AI platform stands out for its ability to work in three different configurations: Titan, Turbo e Tiny, which vary in size and power with 180, 70 and 7 billion parameters, respectively.

While the versions Titan and Turbo require an internet connection, the Tiny version stands out for its ability to operate offline directly on smartphones. AndesGPT's features are equally impressive. The platform supports four functions responsibilities:

  • speech to text conversion;
  • natural language understanding;
  • image generation;
  • synthesis of texts up to 14.000 words long.
Oppo andesgpt SuperCLUE encyclopedia knowledge and skill rankings
Ranking of knowledge and skills from the SuperCLUE encyclopedia

This last feature is particularly notable, as OPPO claims its synthesis capability is 3,5 times higher than competing solutions. The Chinese company has not revealed what these competitors are, but the efficiency of AndesGPT is evident: it can generate 512×512 pixel images in just six seconds and respond in a conversation in just 2,9 seconds after receiving input. This speed and versatility opens up new perspectives for the use of artificial intelligence in mobile devices.

AndesGPT on OPPO Find X7

Although the presentation took place in Chinese, speculations arise that AndesGPT may initially only be available on the overseas market. However, the tie-in with the Find X7 smartphone series (here are all the specs) suggests that OPPO may reveal more details about this cutting-edge technology during the unveiling of the device.

If the promises are kept, AndesGPT could mark a new chapter in the evolution of smartphones, making the devices not just communication tools but real intelligent assistants.


Gianluca Cobucci
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