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Oppo launches the competition for aspiring Renovators 2021 artists

Oppo lancia Renovators 2021 for aspiring artists, a competition for art and technology lovers from around the world, which encourages young artists to unleash their creativity and present the possibilities of technology through art. One of the partners of the platform is theIlya Repin Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. It is not the first time that the brand has taken the side of art, but let's go and see the details of this new initiative that has light in China.

Oppo launches the Renovators 2021 competition for aspiring artists: three art categories that allow you to involve the most hardcore fans

Through the international Oppo Renovators 2021 program, the company will create a active community where aspiring artists can receive guidance and inspiration from renowned artists. In addition, young talents will have the opportunity to showcase their work on international platforms and a career opportunity will open up.

The Oppo Renovators theme this year is very simple. The program includes two categories of professional competitions under the theme of light: ART TECH e ART TOY e Photographic portrait. In the ART TECH category, young artists can portray the fusion of technology and art, and in ART TOY, they are invited to submit le own images of the mascot Oppo Ollie.

oppo renovators 2021

In addition to prizes and awards, the works selected for Renovators 2021 will be presented at London Design Festival and World's Fair in Dubai. Additionally, the best works will receive permanent display at global online exhibitions. The jury will include the famous designer Kashiva Sato, the co-founder of video art gary hill, the audiovisual artist Ryochi kurokawa and the branding consultant Tommy Lee.

To participate in Oppo Renovators 2021, there is time to submit your work by August 29th, 2021. The results of the competition will be announced on18 September 2021. For more information on OPPO Renovators 2021, visit the event website.

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