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OPPO announces "Screen Camera": the technology that brings the camera under the display

Since the concept of “full screen” was proposed, achieving a high screen-to-body ratio or pursuing a full screen has become one of the prerogatives of smartphone manufacturers. A variety of solutions have emerged in this process, such as pop-up camera, sliding cameras and so on. Now, the under-screen camera technology seems to be the best solution for realizing a true full screen design.

OPPO announces "Screen Camera": the technology that brings the camera under the display

OPPO Under Screen Camera announced

Well, OPPO today announced the next generation of “Screen Camera” technology to bring the camera under the screen. OPPO has in fact just published a teaser video of a device with a front camera hidden from view

The Chinese manufacturer claims to have carried out three technological researches to get a true full screen. First, OPPO uses a custom camera module to capture more light.

OPPO Under Screen Camera announced

Second, OPPO has customized a "transparent material" with increased light transmission in the camera area below the screen and redesigned the pixel structure in this area to optimize the light transmission of the screen, allowing light to go through the screen more completely.

Finally, OPPO has purposefully adjusted the white balance algorithm, which can adapt to different light sources and calibrate the color of the image to achieve a more authentic photographic effect.

In addition, through the optimization of the multi-frame HDR algorithm and the anti-blur algorithm, OPPO's under-screen camera solution can enhance the photographic experience and support functions such as smart beauty and various filters.

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