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Oppo wants to make any watch smart with this accessory

- Oppo Watch (did you know that the second model?) are indisputably smartwatches of absolute quality. Clearly the price is high, but they provide the user with a series of perks and di's truly unique features. Let's not talk about design: I personally think it beats Apple Watch. But what if we told you that the Chinese company is going to make any watch smart? From CNIPA we have news of a additional form for watches that does just that. Let's see the details.

Oppo perhaps wants to make a revolution: with this add-on module for smartwatches it wants to make all wearables smart. How about?

On yesterday's day Oppo has had a patent that she applied for last year authorized. The patent in question has an authorization number CN306737122S and from the extracts of it we know that it is a smartwatch module. Or rather, for non-smart watches. We explain ourselves better: the abstract talks about a device that "it is used to provide physical and health measurement data to smart watches, mobile phones, computers and other devices connected to it".

oppo patents a watch accessory that is used to make them smartwatches

As we can easily guess, this module it can only be attached to square shaped watches. It is not clear why the choice was made and on the contrary, it is rather absurd: analogue watches are usually round. But beyond that, they are present two sensors (the two silver-colored) that touch the skin. They will be the ones to send data via Bluetooth to the companion application.

It goes without saying that the data it can measure are the usual: level of oxygen in the blood, heart rate measurement, level of stress and all those we know and already use on Oppo Watch. This solution would be really useful if we were in possession of a square-shaped clock, but analog. The module offers the possibility to do this become a full-fledged smartwatch.

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