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OSOTEK H200 Horizon, the most versatile scrubber dryer I've tried

In recent weeks I have had the pleasure of trying one of the best scrubbers that has ever passed through my hands, the OSOTEK H200. Osotek is one of the partner brands of Xiaomi and Mijia, not well known in Italy, but which produces high quality products.


Already during the unboxing I realized that I had a really well designed object in my hands, in fact the design is really minimal, clean and without unnecessary frills.

During the first cleanings, this scent was widely confirmed, in fact, in addition to having a appealing design and really nice, it is very light and easy to handle in any situation.

Upon opening the package we find in front of the body of the machine, the handle, the charging base with the object holder to be assembled, the charging cable, a cleaning detergent, the multilingual instructions and the brush for cleaning and maintaining the machine .

I can say with absolute transparency that I was truly amazed not only by the cleaning quality of the brushes themselves, but also by two things that I absolutely cannot do without now, follow me as we see them together.

Technical features

Let's start by talking about the technical characteristics, this Osotek H200 scrubber dryer is designed to be one 4-in-1 scrubber dryer, which means that it has the possibility of vacuuming, cleaning, washing and finally drying, thus making it truly complete from every point of view.

It has brushes that, once mounted, become oval, making cleaning truly STUPEFACENT, I have to write it in capital letters because really, of all the scrubbers I've tried so far, this one has managed to remove stains that would only come away with a sponge and elbow grease.

Osotek H200 main brush

Fit a battery of 4000 mAh which allows for more autonomy 35 minutes, it also has three different ways of use which can obviously affect the duration: auto mode which, as the name implies, will automatically adjust the cleaning based on the dirt sensor, turbo which as the name says will give us power and water supply to the max and finally aspiration, which will give us the possibility to just vacuum without water supply.

The clean water tank holds up to 750 ml of water and that of dirty water 640ml, why do you ask for less? Here comes the first gem of the review, the dirt tank, automatically separates the liquid from the solid thus making it absolutely very simple to dispose of waste, in fact we can pour the water directly into the toilet and the solid into the bin without getting dirty or wasting any time.

Honestly, this is a truly top-of-the-range feature, in fact, as I already anticipated at the beginning of the review, it is a detail that I can no longer do without, I thought it would be a feature that I would soon forget but the convenience that has resulted in housekeeping, it's absolutely an improvement that I can't help but point out.

How does Osotek H200 clean?

As we are all used to finding in other scrubber dryers by now, fortunately the function of is integrated here as well self-cleaning, in fact, just place our scrubber dryer on its base, turn it on and finally press the button to start the cleaning cycle, as far as I'm concerned it is necessary to do it at least once a week so as not to let anything stagnate in the pipes and maintain our Osotek, always clean and performing.

We have already mentioned previously, the integrated cleaning sensor which allows you to have a truly remarkable battery saving with truly effective cleaning on any type of surface, yes because the beauty of this Osotek in fact is not only that of energy saving and optimal cleaning, but also that of drying, since there we will find in front of a floor that even if it has just been passed, it is almost dry.

Osotek H200

A LED strip is mounted on the roller to increase the level of visibility and thus have a much more precise and thorough cleaning.

Furthermore, our Osotek has sound alerts that allow us to understand when the water is finished, when the dirt tray is full and so on, and they also directly block the machine so as not to have difficulty understanding and immediately solving the problem .

Ride a LED display very intuitive and comfortable to read where speed, power, various problems and the level of dirt detected are indicated, red if a lot, blue if poco.

We now come to our beloved brushes, as already mentioned, in fact these brushes are designed to be mounted on arrival and have an oval profile so as to adhere perfectly to the ground, in this way cleaning is really efficient. They are also designed to avoid creating any type of tangle with any type of material, from hair to hair.

Osotek H200 it is also designed to have a total cleaning also of the edgesIn fact, the design of the rollers has 3 cleaning sides so as to reach perfectly and effectively any type of edge or hidden recess, we can finally say goodbye to the residues that remained on the sides of the house.

And now we come to the second gem I kept for you, this marvel, in addition to having a thousand attractive characteristics, it can bend up to 180° making cleaning under furniture, sofas, beds, really a breeze and here I absolutely want to make a special mention to the designers because really one of my worries was leaving that micro dirt under the furniture or having to move them, well, as already said, with this Osotek we won't have to have these problems anymore.

Osotek H200 price and conclusions

My conclusions can only be very positive because between the ease of emptying, the very efficient mega-roller and above all the ability to tilt up to 180°, I can say with absolute certainty that this scrubber-dryer will be able to satisfy any type of palate, even the most skeptical will not be able to do without fall in love with her, just like I did.

Osotek H200 is on sale at the list price of 499€ but right now is on offer here on Amazon with 15% discount a 399€. A price decidedly in line with the quality offered and with the functions available.

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Osotek H200

Osotek H200 is a high quality scrubber dryer that provides excellent performance and has unique features.

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